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Electrotec Level Sensor FLS2016

The FLS2016 level sensor has been designed specifically for overflow manholes in council sewage networks. After many years spent working in the sewage process industry, we at Electrotec AB realised that the sensors used as part of a system for the measurement of sewage flowing out into environment were at best ineffective and at worst doing nothing at all. The biggest problem with most types of sensor available on the market was caused by the fact that they had to sit in the flow of the sewage as it spilled into the overflow pipe. This would mean that any solids or paper material would stick to the sensor and either put it out of action or lead to false readings when the level dropped.

The design of the FLS2016 is such that the solids and other matter flowing in the sewage should never come into contact with the sensor switch. The FLS2016 and its predcessors has been used successfuly for over 10 years in hundreds of overflow manholes throughout scandinavia.

Different alternatives

We have two standard versions of our level sensor. You can either purchase Nivågivare FLS2016 separately with only on / off function that the customer can then connect into their own system, or with a radio transmitter and receiver ETR2016. The ETR2016 is a programmable radio system that we have chosen to work with, this meets the most common needs of our customers. NOTE! ETR2016 is only the STANDARD radio pack, We will always try to adapt products according to customer needs. Using this radio link is a great way to get the signals you need out from the manhole and into your own system. Most manholes do not have a ready power source and are usually situated in dangerous or difficult to reach places. The system is powered by lithium batteries and has a battery life of at least 24 months under normal conditions. The ETR2016, of course, sends a high/low level signal and warns of low battery power. There is also a system monitoring function where a signal is sent to the receiver at regular intervals to make sure they have not lost contact with each other.

Environment and safety

A good reason to choose the FLS2016 with the ETR2016 together would be for the safety aspect. Manholes are usually set in the middle of roads, the service personal that have to check on these sensors are then placed in some danger every time they do their job, generally local laws require that at least two service personal are required every time these inspections are made. This along with the time it takes to set up warning signs and diversions can lead to a lot of expensive maintenance. With a battery life around two years and a self checking transmitting system, maintenance times are reduced and service personal are kept out of danger.

A regular supply of information about the amount of raw sewage flowing out into the environment is essential so that councils can understand the demands on their networks and plan ahead on any improvements needed.